Ventilation FAQs

As leading ventilation experts in the South, we've put together this helpful list of answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Ventilation within a commercial building is the key to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all team members. Asthma and allergies are elevated during summer seasons due to more exposure to pollen, and a ventilation system purifies air quality creating an ideal environment for all visitors. Our experts have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding our ventilation products, if your question hasn't been covered please contact us on 01202 658254.


Meridian Cooling has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality ventilation products for our customers in the South. We have extensive knowledge regarding air conditioning, refrigeration, ground source heat pumps and ventilation products for both residential and commercial use. Our team’s hard-working ethos has created our excellent reputation across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. If you’re interested in a ventilation system for your home or business contact our professionals on 01202 658254.

Ventilation is similar to air conditioning as it controls the airflow within a residential or commercial environment. Unlike air conditioning it won’t change the temperature of a room, it simply improves the quality of air and helps removes pollution. A more budget-friendly choice in the long run, a ventilation system is ideal for businesses looking to improve their working environment. Call our experts today on 01202 658254.

Ventilation systems do not create much noise during use in both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re worried about how much noise a ventilation system will create talk to a member of our team on 01202 658254, they will put your mind at ease with their many years of expertise.

Yes, as we’re experts in the ventilation industry we can provide a tailored system that suits your specific needs and requirements. Our range includes many products with their own benefits such as heating, cooling, air purification and ventilation, for a ventilation system that provides numerous features contact our team on 01202 658254.

Yes, a ventilation system can help with asthma and allergies. As ventilation improves the quality of air and maintains a comfortable temperature in your property, it helps to deter mould, pollens and dust mites it creates an ideal and clean environment. 

Both dehumidifiers and ventilation systems work similarly by improving the quality of air. They both have the same process of reducing air pollution, mould, condensation and damp in a building, but a dehumidifier only is effective in the room it’s in. A ventilation system can provide an entire building with filtered air, rather than just one room. To find out more about ventilation benefits contact us on 01202 658254.

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