Ground Source Heat Pumps FAQs

As leading suppliers of ground source heat pumps in the South, we've put together this helpful list of answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Heat pumps are a brilliant way of making use of heat that is stored naturally in the ground or a nearby water source. They transform this dormant energy into usable heat that can be used in radiators, underfloor heating systems or hot water systems. Meridian Cooling are market leaders in the installation and maintenance of this type of heating solution.

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A ground source heat pump is a refrigerant loop system where pipes are buried in the garden and extract heat from the ground to distribute throughout your home.

Ground source heat pumps offer and efficient way of heating your home and water, reducing electricity costs and CO2 emissions.

Ground source heat pumps use horizontal or vertical looped style pipe work are buried in your garden. The fluid in the pipe work absorbs the heat from the ground before it is passed through a compressor to raise the refrigerant temperature, in order to produce space heating and hot water.

In most cases you will not need planning permission for a ground source heat pump as the product is classed as 'permitted development'. However, we would recommend that you check with local authority if unsure.

Ground source heat pumps offer yields higher than 400%, so only 1 kW of electricity is needed to provide a home with between 4 and 5 kW of heat. Therefore, ground source heat pumps are certainly an energy efficient choice.

The heat from a ground source heat pump can be used for space heating through radiators and under-floor heating, and hot water.

Yes ground source heat pumps are ideal for commercial use, however there has to be a suitable space to bury either horizontal or vertical loop pipe work in the ground.

Ground source heat pumps are installed all across the UK & Europe.

Ground source use the energy from the ground to extract heat, air sourced use the air around us.

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