Air Conditioning is now an art form!

Take a look at the beautiful Art Cool Gallery air conditioner from LG. The front panel lifts out to allow you to position your favourite picture in its frame. Not only art, but cool as well!

The Art Cool A09AW1 features -
  • NEO plasma Air Purifying System
  • Anti Corrosion Gold Fin
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Auto Changeover
  • Jet Cool/Jet Heat
  • Natural Wind by CHAOS swing
  • 3 dimensional air flow
  • Wireless remote controller (luminous)
  • Sleep mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Healthy Dehumidification
  • Auto restart
  • One Touch anti bacterial air filter
  • 24 hr ON/OFF setting timer
  • Hot start
Keeping your environment cool and beautiful.

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